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Free Superb Dedicated Server

Get 2 dedicated servers for the price of 1! When you order an eligible dedicated server simply pick a free server from our clearance list that is equal or lesser value*. Need more servers than that? No problem. Receive a free server for however many dedicated server you ordered. Act fast because this deal won’t last long!

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Superb Hosting Review

From Virtual to Dedicated Hosting,Superb Hosting runs the gamut of hosting solutions. offers Unix, NT, Reseller, Dedicated hosting, power servers, co-located, and E-Commerce packages. Even though they offer a vast assortment of hosting solutions, still maintains a high level of support and customer service for each package.

Superb Network Operation Center contains great connectivity using 6 DS-3s on 2 redundant OC-12s, and a future upgrade to the system. With Cisco routers and switches and fully redundant paths, its no wonder can deliver on their 100% Network uptime guarantee. Read more about Superb Review

ThePlanet Coupon Codes for Dedicated Server

The Planet Description

The Planet is the number one privately held, dedicated server hosting provider in the world. Serving more than 20,000 businesses worldwide with over 50,000 servers under management in 8 data-centers in the US and Europe, The Planet provides reliable, scalable and affordable dedicated and managed hosting that enable small- and medium-size companies to successfully grow their businesses.

The Planet Coupons

The Planet – Hosted Servers use Coupon Code: pdram to get double memory. Exp 9/01/2010

With this Coupon Code, You Can Get a new dedicated server at The Planet and get a free upgrade to double RAM!

The Planet - Hosted Services Coupon

Hostnine Coupons – July 2010 Coupon Codes for Hostnine Web Hosting Plans

HostNine Coupon Codes July 2010

Coupon: 1Cent

This allows you to receive the first month of our ENTERPRISE package for 1 cent for 1 month. This gives them the opportunity to test out hostnine hosting services.

Coupon: CJ30

This allows 30% off any shared and reseller hosting package of any term length

Coupon: H9

This coupon saves 25% off any shared and reseller hosting package of any term length

Big Savings for HostNine Hosting, Limited Time Promotions!

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What About HostNine ResellerCentral

ResellerCentral is a unique Reseller Control panel offered by HostNine. With our innovative control panel you can manage and consolidate all of your domains in one centralized control panel. And you can host your websites on servers all over the world.

Reseller Central acts as a layer on top of an infinite amount of servers delegated throughout data centers around the world. As you add accounts within Reseller Central you can choose where you want the account to be located. With the new HostNine Reseller Central system, chances of two accounts in the same location ending up on the same server are very slim. And that chance continues to grow smaller as time goes on and new nodes are added to the Reseller Central network.

  • -Automate signups and customer account provisioning to locations all over the world!
  • -Manage all of your domains from a single easy to use system
  • -Balance out your domains across several nodes in a single location
  • For More information, please see our HostNine Hosting Review

    Netfirms Hosting Discount for Business Hosting Plan

    Netfirms have extended two of their customers’ favourite promotions! Until August 31st, you can choose to save 20% off for netfirms Plus Hosting Plan or over 33% off for Business Hosting Plan.

    How about Netfirms Web hosting? See Netfirms Hosting Reviews

    With these discounts, netfirms hosting plans now start as low as $3.56/month. And those who want to enjoy all the rich features of Netfirms Business Plan can now do so for just $8.95/month, and you’ll get:

    • 5 FREE Domain Names
    • $50 Google AdWords credits
    • $50 Facebook Ads credits
    • 24/7 Support
    • Host UNLIMITED Websites
    • FREE Web Design Software, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Joomla and ZenCart and more.

    Netfirms Hosting – Making Web Hosting Easy for Beginners

    Big Savings

    for Business Hosting Plan & Plus Hosting PLan

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    IXWebHosting Review – Professional SEO Friendly Web Hosting with Free Dedicated IP

    IX Hosting was first started as a division under Ecommerce Corporation ( in year 1999. IX Hosting was one of the first hosting companies who launch livechat customer supports and they have built and managed their very own data center in Colmbus, OH

    Unique Web Hosting Features

    IXwebhosting offers some very unique web hosting features which are very important in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view.

    For some of the domains you host with IXwebhosting, they can have their own with Dedicated IP addressNo extra cost.

    For most shared web hosting plan, all domains host in the same web hosting server will share the same IP address.

    Search engine will give a better ranking for websites who have their own dedicated IP addresses. Webmasters may choose to buy a dedicated IP address but it always need extra monthly cost.

    If you are real care about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), IXwebhosting will be your first choice

    Web Hosting Awards – Best SEO Friendly Web Hosting

    with Free Dedicated IP Address

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    If you are a professional webmaster, IXwebhosting Plan Unlimited Pro can save you more money.

    You can have Unlimited Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited email resources, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited PostgreSQL Databases and 16 dedicated IP addresses, which create more flexibility in website making.

    The importance of web hosting in SEO

    For an online marketing campaign search engine placement is crucial for your website. That is why it is important to start with getting a reliable SEO friendly web hosting service to manage the search engine traffic selling products and services from your website. You need to consider numerous features in the web hosting selection process, as there are countless web hosting providers out there. Here are some basic guidelines for choosing a SEO friendly web hosting service.

    Start with identifying your target audience from the point of view of their geographic location. Your online visitors are coming from around the world or from specific regions or areas? Basically it refers to the place where your online visitors live. It is an essential question when selecting web hosting, as it will establish if you will go for a high placement in a regional or international index.

    For instance, if your niche is centered more on and within China, it is preferable to have a website carrying addresses within China. Thus, your website will mostly be listed in the Chinese area search indexes, such as Why is this important when you are selecting a web hosting service? Mainly, because is you are going for a hosting provider based on location it is more likely to get a superior regional index.

    You should also check the available type of IP addresses. You might consider that your budget is not big enough for a dedicated hosting server, but if you select a shared web hosting, it is wise to select one with a dedicated IP, as it might have an impact on SEO.

    Experienced SEO professional are aware that a devoted IP might harm your Google ranking. Thus, it is preferable to get a shared web hosting which has a dedicated IP address.

    You should be familiar with the requirements for the database and programming language, as MySQL database, PHP or FTP clients are important in designing your website. You should consider all the features the host can offer, as perl CGI-BIN, htaccess or SSI directly concerns the reliability of your website.

    More importantly, you do not want in any case for your online visitors not being able to access your website. That is why it is essential to choose a hosting with a superior uptime guarantee, preferable 99.9%. Remember, that your online reputation is in stake with a great impact on your online sales. Make sure your web host has redundant connections to eliminate the possibility of your website unavailability. Redundant connection means your web hosting company is prepared and when a usual internet connection is interrupted for some reason, another internet connection is available to step in.

    Last, but not least, the importance of a professional customer service should not be overlooked. Your online business might experience problems if your hosting provider does not have a superior customer service and technical assistance. You definitely need a web hosting company with excellent customer service. A proper customer support should include email, web based knowledge base or tickets system. A live chat and toll free telephone should also be available 24/7.

    Other aspects you should keep an eye on include bandwidth, available disk space and price. When looking at the available bandwidth and disk space, keep in mind the future development of your website. Make sure you are fully aware of what you get for your money.

    Web Hosting Awards – Best SEO Friendly Web Hosting

    with Free Dedicated IP Address

    Get ix web hosting Now

    HostNine Review & HostNine Coupon Codes

    HostNine is a young, Jupiter, FL web host offering shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting. It was founded in 2006 by individuals with hosting industry experience. The web site presents them as a good choice for hosting, but it is also valuable to consider personal experience, as presented in this HostNine review.

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    Features and Pricing

    HostNine provides flexible choices offering four different plans for both shared and reseller hosting, and three plans to choose from for dedicated. These plan offerings allow customers to select the option that suits them best, without having to pay for space and bandwidth they don’t need. While many hosts offer large amounts of space and bandwidth that many individuals will never use, HostNine offers a realistic amount that is adequate for most. For example, at the time of writing, the basic shared plan included 5,000 MB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth. This is sufficient if the plan is not being utilized for video or volume image hosting – which many hosts that offer large plans block anyway.


    The shared hosting plans offer quite a bit less space and bandwidth than the competition, but again the allocations are suitable for the average user. Although it does seem that they could provide a bit more for the price, what they charge is definitely acceptable for what they offer, as they provide countless features.


    The reseller plans at HostNine include a unique feature. HostNine allows a customer to choose where they would like a reseller site to be physically hosted. A site may be hosted in one of eight U.S. or three global locations. Therefore, it allows the ability to manage multiple servers from one control panel. This relieves a reseller of the risk that all of their sites will go offline due to one server failure as sites are hosted across multiple servers. This is just one component of Reseller Central, which is HostNine’s proprietary reseller control panel. The reseller plans, like shared, offer slightly less than the competition in terms of disk space and bandwidth.


    HostNine also provides hosting to those in need of dedicated servers. They have three different dedicated plans which are very comparable to those of other hosts, and which offer a good deal of features for the cost. The dedicated plans include WebHost Manager, the industry-standard control application for dedicated hosting administration. The dedicated plans are available with three choices of operating system: CentOS, RedHat, and Windows.

    If the reason behind using a reseller or dedicated account is to resell hosting, a nice feature of HostNine is the ability to receive a complete reseller solution. They provide customers with ModernBill billing software, as well as a merchant and domain reseller account. Therefore, an individual is ready to effectively resell hosting without having to acquire the ancillary services elsewhere in order to do so.

    Terms of Service

    To demonstrate their responsibility for customer satisfaction, HostNine provides a 30 day money back guarantee on shared and reseller hosting, but not dedicated. The policy was once for 45 days, but has since been changed – a possible sign that too many customers cancelled between 30 and 45 days of service. When canceling an account, if it is canceled no sooner than 15 days before the next billing cycle a customer does not receive any penalty and they only lose the hosting fees that have already been paid. Therefore, if a customer thinks they may cancel for whatever reason, the monthly billing cycle should be selected as HostNine does not offer any discount for the selection of longer billing cycles. That way the customer would not be losing three, six, or twelve months of hosting that they prepaid for.

    HostNine also guarantees industry-standard 99.9% uptime. In general, their terms are commonplace. They do explicitly state server limitations that users may not exceed, yet these are very reasonable. They do impose a “250 email limit per domain per hour” that applies to both shared and reseller hosting. Most individuals will fall well under this limit, yet this may pose a problem if the plan is to use the account to provide a help desk to service customers, or support a community – any situation where large volumes of emails may be sent or received through the server. In that case, it is required to make use of a dedicated plan, as their this email limit is not imposed on their dedicated hosting.

    Control Panel

    To allow a customer to effectively administrate their hosting account, HostNine provides the user with the industry standard cPanel control panel. cPanel allows for the easy administration of files, email, databases, domains, security, and more of the hosting account. It a commonly used application and provides excellent management features.

    Reseller account customers are provided with the aforementioned Reseller Central control panel. This allows resellers the ability to easily manage their clients and control the sites they host.

    Dedicated accounts are provided with the sister application of cPanel called WebHost Manager (WHM). WHM makes it just as easy as cPanel to manage an entire server and the hosting accounts that are served by it.


    My tests of HostNine were favorable. My test site opened fast. When uploading a file, FTP responded quickly with the server. In a website speed test by HostPulse the test site ranked 10th among other hosting, with an average ping time of 21ms. On a traceroute test it required eight hops to reach the server, which compared to other hosts is good. During another speed test the speed of a page with a large amount of text yielded a rate of nearly 1,000 KB/s.

    Customer Support

    HostNine states that their sales, billing, and technical support services are provided 24 hours a day. Their toll free number is prominently displayed across their site. Some hosts force their customers to dial a local phone number, but HostNine does not. Although they claim 24/7 support via phone, live chat, email and instant messaging, I tested it on multiple occasions and found that it is not true 24/7 availability.

    On one of my tests, I made a phone call at 9 PM on a Sunday. I was presented with a professional quality recording identifying the company as HostNine. After selecting the support extension, some annoying triumphant music filled my ear. After some time, the song replayed, and I waited, and it replayed yet again. Eight minutes went by before the system disconnected me and I was left without any service. I waited eight minutes only to be hung up on. It didn’t give me an option of any sort, or tell me to check the web site; I was just left staring at my phone! So much, I thought, for the 24/7 support via every possible medium. The instant message support was not available at that time either. So I tried the Live chat at 9:12 PM on that Sunday night. My approximate wait time was 4 seconds – perhaps I would get someone to answer my late night question. I had chatted with a sales representative half an hour earlier. This time I was connected to someone with that same name. Perhaps the support was understaffed that Sunday night? Maybe they just had the one guy at the time (the representative I later contacted could not say how many employees HostNine has on their support team).

    After being connected with a representative this time, it took him 11 minutes to respond to my basic question with its obvious answer. He may have never responded if it wasn’t for me asking “Are you there?” after the first five minutes, which seemed to wake him from his late night slumber at the help desk. I do assume the support is in-house – he did have an American name and a good control of the English language.

    The phone number, the live chat link, the screen names, and the email are all there, but it doesn’t mean you will get a timely response to any of them. They are available for you to contact 24/7 but it doesn’t mean you will get a response within a reasonable amount of time.

    Later that night I tried sending them a support email. I sent the email at 9:28 PM and received a reply a 9:34 PM. That response time is good, but the reply was made by the same representative that managed the chat.

    On a later date, I tested the phone support again. This time it was on a Saturday at around 3 PM. I placed a call at 2:57 PM and was connected after only a minute of hold music. The technical support representative I spoke to was clear, polite, and answered my question promptly without placing me on hold. This demonstrated to me that support is good during the day, but should not be relied upon late at night.

    The overall support experience was good – though it was not truly provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week as claimed.


    HostNine, as a whole, is a good host. They provide a good featuring offering for a competitive price and offer a wide array of services. They are especially a good choice for resellers as they provide a convenient, total solution through their Reseller Central control panel and merchant, domain, and billing services. The support is good, but is not available around the clock as claimed.

    Bottomline: An overall good host backed by good support (when available) and a promising service

    Pros: The ability to host sites on multiple servers with Reseller Central, complete reseller package

    Cons: Support is not truly provided 24 hours a day as claimed, disk space and bandwidth is slightly more expensive than competition

    HostNines Coupons

    Coupon: 1Cent

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